Advantages and Usage Areas of Polyethylene Pipes

PE100 (HDPE) | Advantages of Pipe

  • Since its density is 0,950 gr/cm³, it is 8 times lighter than steel.
  • Easy to carry, not deformed.
  • It does not corrode due to the fluid passing through it and the soil structure outside.


  • It shows high resistance to chemicals.
  • In clean water lines, there is no carcinogenic effect since foreign particles / substances do not mix with the water from the PE Pipe.
  • It is suitable for health as it does not change the smell, taste and color of water.
  • Since it is in the thermoplastic product group, it is an environmentally recyclable product.


  • Thanks to its elastic structure, it provides 500% elongation capability; absorbs elongated opening in case of earthquake and landslide; There are no cases of breakage or rupture.


  • Since it is produced with carbon black additive, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  • It maintains its elastic properties even when the temperature drops to -40 °C, it is not adversely affected by the increase in volume by expanding.


  • It adapts to the terrain even if the ground is not dug with precision.


  • It can be combined outside the channel and applied to the channel.
  • Since it is combined with Butt Welding or EF Welding System; The formed line becomes monolithic and foreign materials such as ground water, plant and tree roots cannot enter the pipeline.
  • It does not create fire in assembly due to the joining methods.
  • It can be produced in coils up to 125 mm diameter.


  • Coil production; It saves the cost of fitting and their welding, and reduces the risk of workmanship errors due to welding.
  • Since it adapts to the landform during laying, it saves costs in excavation and channel works.
  • It reduces project costs by providing convenience in river, lake and sea passages.
  • It can be produced at different pressures in accordance with the project; It is effective in saving raw materials and making projects cost-effective.
  • Compared to traditional PE pipes, it meets the same pressure resistance with a thinner wall thickness.


If a pipe with an outer diameter of 110 mm and a working pressure of 10 bar is produced from PE 32, PE 63 and PE 100 raw materials, the wall thicknesses and weights will be according to the data on the right. s : Wall Thickness, m: Meter Weight

PE100 (HDPE) | Usage Areas

  • Drinking Water, Potable Water Systems
  • Agricultural Irrigation Water Systems
  • Waste Water, Sewage Discharge and Treatment Systems
  • Marine Discharge Systems
  • River, Lake, Submarine Access Systems
  • Chemical/Abrasive Transfer Systems
  • Methane Gas Evacuation Systems
  • Fish Farms and Marinas
  • Fire Installation Outlines
  • Drainage Systems
  • Geothermal Pipe Sheath Systems
  • Telecommunications Group